Wu Lab in the departments of Medicine & Radiology

Former Trainees

Paul Burridge
Assistant Professor
Northwestern University

Feng Cao, MD, PhD
Professor, Associate Director, Chief Physician
Cardiology Department
301 PLA General Hospital, Beijing, China
Feng Cao Lab

Jhumur Ghosh, PhD
Assistant Professor
Bose Institute, India

Chunjiang He, PhD
Associate Professor
Wuhan University

Zongjin Li, MD, PhD
Nankai University School of Medicine
Li Lab

Mai Lam, PhD
Asst Professor at Wayne State University
Lam Lab

Ping Liang, MD, PhD
Zhejiang University School of Medicine
Liang Lab

Patricia Nguyen, MD
Assistant Professor of Cardiovascular Medicine
Stanford University School of Medicine

Yongming Wang, PhD
Fudan University

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